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ZKLDF460 thrust angular contact ball turntable bearing

Model number ZKLDF460
Inner ring 460mm
Outer ring 600mm
Width 70mm
Weight 50kg
Materials GCR15/GCR15SiMn
Precision P4/P2
Lubrication Grease lubrication
Rotating part Inner ring/Outer ring
Load direction Multi-load
Structure Integrated Inner/Outer Ring,

Mounting Hole in Outer ring

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ZKLDF460 thrust angular contact ball turntable bearing Specification:

Main dimensions  (mm) Fixing Hole
(Inner ing)
Fixing Hole
(Outer ing)
Number of
thread hole
Number of
x Angle
d D H H1 C D1 J J1 d1 d2 a Num d3 Quantity G Quantity
ZKLDF460 460 600 70 46 560 520 482 580 9.3 15 8.2 46 9.3 45 2 M12 3 48×7.5°

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ZKLDF Turntable Bearing feature:

ZKLDF series thrust angular contact ball bearings include an integral outer ring, two inner rings, and two sets of steel ball and cage components with a contact angle of 60 degrees. The outer ring and the inner ring are provided with mounting holes to facilitate the mounting and fixing of the bearing through the connecting bolts. The bearing itself is fixed by coupling bolts to ensure installation, transportation and handling.

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series rotary table bearings have sealing covers on both sides, which can prevent the entry of external dirt and impurities and the leakage of internal grease.

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series rotary table bearings are lubricated with compound barium-based grease, and can also be relubricated through oil holes in the outer ring.

ZKLDF thrust angular contact ball series turntable bearings adopt a two-way 60-degree contact angle and a double volleyball structure design, so they can withstand radial loads, two-way axial loads and overturning moments; the special structure of the brass cage design gives it higher strength, Lower motor torque; therefore this series of bearings are particularly suitable for ultra-high speed, long-term operation and occasions with high requirements on rigidity and accuracy.

ZKLDF Turntable Bearing application:

It is widely used in precision devices such as precision rotary table CNC turntable, vertical grinder, indexing head, gear hobbing machine, milling machine workpiece shaft, etc.

DK provides high quality and fully replaceable bearing of ZKLDF460 Turntable Bearing and other models.  Looking forward to your enquiry.

To learn more about our company or get the Installation Instructions of ZKLDF460 Turntable Bearing please feel free to contact us. Drawing and sample of ZKLDF460 Turntable Bearing are available upon request.
DK bearing ZKLDF460 Turntable Bearing provides high and stable running accuracy, suited for precision detecting instrument, robot joints, direct drive torque motor, high-precision turntable.




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