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YRT series high precision turntable bearing

As an important part of machine tool, turntable is always the key point in machine tool design. As the key component of bearing workpiece, the rotating precision, rigidity and composite bearing capacity of the turntable directly affect the machining performance of the machine tool. The choice of bearing plays a direct and decisive role. The traditional solution of turntable bearing generally uses two or more groups of radial and thrust bearing combination, the purpose is to make the turntable can bear axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time, although this scheme is mature, but also such as turntable structure design complex, bearing installation and maintenance inconvenience and other shortcomings.

YRT turntable bearing

YRT turntable bearing (YRT rotary table bearing)

YRT series high precision turntable bearings, break through the traditional bearing selection and layout. A set of bearings can meet the requirements of the turntable to bear the combined load, greatly simplifying the structure of the turntable, reducing the design ‘installation and maintenance costs. The combination of a group of rollers in radial direction and two rows of thrust roller cage in axial direction makes the structure compact and saves space for the overall structure design of the turntable. Mounting holes are arranged on the bearing to make installation very convenient. Bearing is preloaded before delivery, high rigidity and high turning precision can be achieved without adjusting clearance. The inner ring and outer ring of the bearing are provided with oil injection holes to facilitate regular oil injection and maintenance. The rotary accuracy of YRT turntable bearings can reach up to 1.5 m, which is much higher than ordinary bearings.

Thanks to our rich product line, in addition to the YRT standard series suitable for low-speed and short-cycle applications, we also have corresponding products and solutions for more diverse applications. YRTS high speed turntable bearing series, can be used for low friction torque and relative height of the occasion, suitable for direct drive motor turntable and double swing milling head occasions bearing selection. ZKLDF thrust Angle contact ball series has high speed, very low friction torque, and also can bear the combined load, suitable for the turning table, vertical grinding machine, measuring and controlling fields of turning and milling machining center. YRTM with integrated Angle measurement system series turntable bearings, through the integrated Angle measurement system modular design to achieve the turntable precision rotation and accurate Angle control integration, simplified the structure, is very suitable for the application in the machining center CNC rotary table and dividing table and other occasions.

DK is committed to become a professional supplier of machine tool parts, provides the high quality for the global market for a long time the turntable bearings, years of industry accumulation, has made our company product structure optimization, stable and smooth information channels, open, deeply trusted by machine tool manufacturers suppliers, with many machine tool manufacturers both at home and abroad to establish long-term strategic cooperative partnership. We adhere to the “integrity based, innovation” business philosophy, and constantly strive to achieve and exceed customer expectations with sincere service and continuous innovation.



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