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Why are crossed roller bearings widely used?

Crossed roller bearings’ rollers are arranged at right angles to each other at intervals between the inner and outer rings. They can support loads from all directions at the same time. Because the rollers are in linear contact with the track surface, the possibility of elastic deformation of the crossed roller bearings under load is very small. This type of bearing is widely used in industries such as industrial robots, work machinery and medical facilities, where high rigidity, tightness and high speed can still be ensured.


1.Excellent rotation accuracy.

2.Simplified operation and installation

3.Withstand large axial and radial loads

4. Significantly save installation space.

5.High speed capability

6. Reduce shaft length and processing costs, limited thermal changes due to thermal expansion.

7.Using nylon divider, low moment of inertia, low starting torque, easy to control angular division.

8. Optimized pre-tightening force, large rigidity, high running accuracy of guide roller.

9.Carburized steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface wear resistance.

10. Simple but fully lubricated.





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