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What is a harmonic reducer bearing?

Harmonic reducer bearings are named after the reducer, including two types of rigid bearings and flexible bearings. Rigid bearings include four series, CSG (CSF) series, CSD series, SHG (SHF) series, SHD series; Flexible bearings are named as HYR.

Harmonic reducer bearing is a kind of supporting bearing for harmonic reducer. Harmonic reducer bearings are mainly composed of two sides. The harmonic reducer is equipped with crossed roller bearings, The rolling elements are cylindrical rollers, which are arranged at 90 ° to each other and arranged vertically in the V-shaped raceway. This structure enables a single bearing to bear loads in all directions, such as axial load, radial load, and overturning moment. The bearing has high rigidity, rotation accuracy, and composite bearing capacity; this type of bearing has a compact shape and the bearing comes with The mounting holes are convenient for customers to install directly, and are suitable for various different types of harmonic reducers.



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