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Reasons for the new wave of intelligence in industrial robots

About two hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution made machinery everywhere in human society. Today’s industrial revolution  has brought us artificial intelligence. Maybe for non-professionals, the development of artificial intelligence for decades has hardly seen any significant changes, but the World Robot Conference held in the latest year has refreshed our three views.

“When I was in the venue, my breathing was a little tense. It is hard to imagine that in the coming future, these robots will appear in our daily lives.” Many people will feel this way when they visit the venue.

According to forecasts, China’s industrial robot sales will exceed 200,000 units in 2020, and the market scale is expected to expand to US $ 5.89 billion by 2020. During the same period, service robots are expected to reach market sizes of US $ 2.9 billion and US $ 1.24 billion, respectively.

The accumulation of technology and industrial foundation for many years provides a good “soil” for the development of China’s intelligent robot industry. With the increase in support, the boom of the intelligent robot industry is increasing, and a large number of local companies and technology products are constantly emerging. In the same period, in the field of service robots, Chinese domestic enterprises rely on global robot application markets, and the momentum of technological innovation is even more rapid.

At present, China has become the market for robot applications that have attracted much attention. “China Robot Industry Development Report (2017)” states that the average growth rate in the five years will reach 28%, entering a period of rapid growth.



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