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YRTS rotary table bearings (YRTS turntable bearings) series have the same external structure and dimensions as YRT series, but the internal structure is different from YRT series, which determines that the speed limit of YRTS rotary table bearing series is higher than that of YRT rotary table bearing series, and the friction torque is higher than that of YRT series. The series of turntable bearings is low and uniform. Therefore, this series can be selected for applications that require relatively low friction but relatively high speed, such as bearings for shafts driven by direct drive motors.

Point: Axial / radial bearing YRTS

Because YRTS bearings have a higher speed limit and a very low and stable friction torque, this kind of bearing is especially suitable for engines with torque.

YRTS rotary table bearing feature:

1. High precision: accuracy can reach P4, P2;

2. High rigidity: all bearings of this series have preload;

3. High load: it can bear axial load, radial load and overturning load.

4. High speed: YRTS series bearings can be used in high speed work situations.

Application: It is widely used in precision devices such as precision rotary table vertical grinders, indexing heads, gear hobbing machines, and gear milling machine workpiece axes.

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