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YRT rotary table bearing is a kind of slewing mechanism with outer ring rotating and inner ring supporting. It is mainly divided into three series: YRT type, YRTS type, and YRTM type. These three series bearings have the same installation dimensions, different internal structures, and similar performance. YRT series bearings are composed of three rows of rollers. Two rows of axial rollers ensure stable axial load carrying capacity. The row of radial rollers ensures that the bearing can withstand radial force and overturning moment. It is suitable for rotating mechanisms with axial load. YRT turntable bearings are mainly used in CNC machine tool manufacturing.

YRT rotary table bearing (turntable bearing) bearings consist of a thrust/radial shaft ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a group of radial cylindrical rollers. The seat ring and shaft ring have evenly distributed mounting screw holes. This type of bearing has high axial and radial load capacity. High tilt stiffness and high accuracy. It is suitable for rotary table, chuck and milling cutter head, as well as bearing configuration in measurement and experiment. This type of bearing also has higher requirements for matching equipment parts. The tightening torque of the mounting screws must be controlled during installation.

Application of YRT rotary table bearing: It is widely used in precision devices such as precision turntables, CNC turntables, vertical grinders, indexing heads, gear hobbing machines, and gear milling machine workpiece axes.

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