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The rotary table bearing also called turntable bearing is a kind of bearing that can simultaneously bear the comprehensive loads such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment. It is a precision bearing with a special structure that integrates support, rotation, transmission, and fixation. The rotary table (turntable) bearing basically adopts the design method of negative clearance band preload to ensure the high rigidity and rotation accuracy of the bearing; in general, the inner and outer rings of the rotary table bearing itself have mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing structures, which are suitable for precise working conditions. According to the different installation and use requirements of various equipment; rotary table bearings have the characteristics of compact structure, high rotation accuracy, easy installation and maintenance. Rotary table (turntable) bearings mainly include YRT turntable bearings, YRTM turntable bearings, YRTS turntable bearings, ZKLDF turntable bearings. These series of bearings have the same installation dimensions, the internal structure is different, and the performance is similar.

DK-Bearing provide standard and custom rotary table bearings.

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