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Industrial robot bearings mainly include two types of bearings for industrial robots, one is a uniform cross-section thin-wall bearing, and the other is a cross cylindrical roller bearing. There are also harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings and so on. which are most suitable for joints or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, rotating parts of manipulators, precision rotating tables, medical instruments, and measuring instruments , IC manufacturing equipment and other wide-ranging applications.

Features of industrial robot bearings: 1. Can withstand comprehensive loads in axial, radial and overturning directions; 2. Thin-walled bearings; 3. High rotary positioning accuracy. Any bearing that can meet this design requirement can be used in industrial robot arms, rotary joints, chassis and other parts.

With the development and growth of the robot industry, the robot bearing industry is also in a period of rapid development. DK‘s professional precision thin-walled bearing manufacturer has filled the gap in the domestic market. Industrial robot bearings are not limited to use in the field of industrial robots. Such bearings also have important development and application potential in high-precision measurement equipment, aerospace, astronomical research, and medical equipment.


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