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Flexible bearing uses the controllable elastic deformation of flexible elements to transmit motion and power. It is characterized by large transmission ratio, wide application range, high precision, small empty return, large load capacity, high efficiency, small size, light weight, The transmission is stable, the noise is small, and the movement can be transmitted to the sealed space.

The harmonic drive reducer includes three basic components: wave generator, flexible wheel, rigid wheel and flexible bearing. Among them, the flexible bearing is the core component, and the transmission achieves the performance requirement of high reduction ratio through the elastic deformation of the bearing.
When the flexible bearing is working, the inner ring is installed on the elliptical cam and bears the cyclic stress load during operation, and the outer ring is installed on the flexspline, which undergoes elastic deformation with the rotation of the cam during operation, which not only bears the cyclic stress load, but also bears alternating stress load.

Dk-bearing provides standard and customized HYR series flexible bearing.

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