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Definition of crossed roller bearings

The crossed roller bearing is a special type bearing with a split inner ring and rotating outer ring. Since the divided inner ring or outer ring is installed with rollers and cage, it is fixed with the cross roller ring to prevent separation from each other, so it is easy to install the cross roller ring. Since the rollers are arranged in a cross, only one set of cross roller rings can bear loads in all directions. Compared with the conventional model, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, because the inner ring or outer ring of the cross roller bearing has a two-part structure, the bearing gap can be adjusted, and even if preload is applied, high-precision rotational movement can be obtained. Moreover, due to its special structure, it is usually used as a joint bearing in industrial robots.

Applications of crossed roller bearing:

•Industrial robot arms, reducers

•Precision machines( turnable table)

•Rotation parts of Machine tools

•Medical equipment

• Measuring instruments

Installation for Crossed Roller Bearings:

1.Inspect the parts before installing: Clean bearing bracket, main axle, or other parts to remove dirt or grease.

2.Place the bearing into the bearing bracket and main axle: To match the design clearance, keep the bearing horizontal and insert the bearing into the bearing bracket or axle. If it is hard to install, use a rubber hammer to slightly hit every part of the bearing, so that the bearing can be attention to the hitting force is too large. Afterward, the matching status of bearing and basic face can be examined by checking the noise. For an interference fit, use heating or cooling to expand or shrink the parts for ease of installation. Be sure the bearing temperature does not exceed 80℃. If the split inner or outer ring is acentric, please loosen the blots slightly and rotate the monolithic ring to adjust the concentricity of the split ring, so that the bearing can be fit in the bracket.

3.Install the mounting disc: Place the mounting disc onto the bearing and align the screw holes, Screw all the bolts in the holes first and follow the orders shown in below diagram when tightening bolts in diagonally opposite sequence, Do not tighten bolts randomly.


1.The normal operating temperature of Crossed roller bearing is 10-80℃, If it is over this range, please contact DK.

2.If a foreign substance enters inside the bearing structure, the rotation route of the roller may be damaged, or the bearing may fail. Please clean the bearing by refill the lubricant grease.

3.Please do not remove or apply force to the bolt and nut of the split bearing

DK-bearing provides high quality crossed roller bearings including THK RA, THK RB, THK RE, THK RU series, IKO CRB, IKO CRBC, IKO CRBF, IKO CRBH, INA SX, INA XU, INA XSU series and more. Custom cross roller bearings are also acceptable.

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