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Precision Machine

As a precision machine, a precision machine tool is an indispensable device.

The first application volume is the machine tool manufacturing enterprise. At present, most of the cross roller bearings are mainly used in high-precision machine tools, grinders, etc. Now the robot industry has a very good prospect. More and more companies are beginning to recognize and use robots instead of labor. Such high-tech industries are naturally inseparable from these components such as crossed roller bearings.
Crossed roller bearings, because of the split inner or outer ring, are fixed with the cross roller collar after installing the rollers and spacers to prevent separation from each other, so operate when installing the cross roller collar simple. Because the rollers are arranged in a cross, only one set of crossed roller collars can bear the load in all directions. Compared with the traditional model, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, because the inner or outer ring of the cross roller bearing is a two-part structure, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and even if a preload is applied, high-precision rotational movement can be obtained.

In addition to the advantages of crossed roller bearings! It can be summarized as follows
1. Crossed roller bearings can be easily assembled in all directions of the main shaft, mass production can be achieved through standardization and serialization, and assembly and use are more convenient.
2. Crossed roller bearings can bear both radial and axial loads at the same time, so the crossed roller bearings can be much simpler than multiple sets of combined bearing structures.
3. Due to the high rotation efficiency and low heat dissipation of crossed roller bearings, the grease consumption is small.
4. The radial and axial dimensions of the cross roller bearing can be limited, so it can be used in space-saving, space-saving conditions, and the size requirements are small, high precision, high rigidity.



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