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Medical Instruments

With the development of the medical industry in recent years, the use of medical instruments in the medical field has become increasingly widespread, and the application of medical machine tools in the field of medical equipment ranks third in the market.

As the basis for the production of medical equipment, I believe that this type of machine tool will also have an increasingly broad future. With the development of the medical industry, machine tools will have more and more extensive applications in the medical field. A member of the Surgical Implants Professional Committee of the China Medical Device Industry Association said that the medical device industry and machine tool manufacturing are part of the equipment manufacturing industry and are part of the equipment manufacturing industry. As key components of medical equipment, especially high-precision thin-walled crossed Roller bearings have been developed in China for many years, and the technical conditions have matured. High-quality, high-performance domestic precision bearings can now gradually replace imported high-priced similar cross roller bearings. DK company is a domestic professional manufacturer of high-precision bearings, axial radial composite bearings and high-precision thin-walled crossed roller bearings for medical equipment. The company has the most advanced production technology, the most mature production technology, and the best The quality control process has now become one of the largest component manufacturers in the domestic medical device industry. For a long time, it has been providing high-grade precision bearings to the best medical device manufacturers in Europe and China, which has been widely recognized by the industry.

More precise, and more automated machinery and equipment in the industrial area will become increasingly common, as this will undoubtedly help improve capital efficiency and reduce labor costs. Technological innovation is driving product manufacturers to adopt more robotic transmission methods and to use PLCs, servos, and human-machine interface products more widely to replace existing obsolete mechanical solutions. These automation products not only help to increase output, but also provide greater flexibility for operations and continuously improve process control.



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