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Classification of Crossed Roller Bearings

Do you know the types of crossed roller bearings?

There are many types of crossed roller bearings, and different crossed roller bearings have different functions and uses. Below I will introduce the specific classification of crossed roller bearings for everyone:

Crossed roller bearings are mainly divided into 2 categories:

One is crossed cylindrical roller bearings, The other type is crossed tapered roller bearings, both of which are rolling elements that are perpendicular to each other on the V-groove. The difference is that the V-groove of the crossed tapered roller ring differs according to the angle of the tapered roller. Larger carrying capacity and higher speed. At present, companies that can produce cross-tapered rollers, such as Timken, SKF, URB, and NACHI, have several bearing companies. However, there are currently no mature companies in technology and production.



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