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With the development of society, agricultural production has gradually got rid of the traditional manpower and entered the era of mechanization. All kinds of agricultural machinery are designed and manufactured to make production more efficient, and also relieve the hard-working farmers from the heavy work and enjoy the joy of harvest!
In these devices, the bearing is an extremely critical part. There are better bearing products and solutions that can make the machine run more efficiently.

agriculture machine bearing

agriculture machine bearing

Most of the agricultural machinery is used: deep groove ball bearings, spherical bearings, tapered roller bearings.
There are two main aspects of bearing selection: First, the selection of bearing type. The load size, direction, and impact should be considered roughly. High and low speed, alignment requirements, allowable space and other factors. The second is to choose the accuracy of the bearing. Rough consideration should be given to the type of machinery and the accuracy requirements. There are many types of agricultural machinery. The general situation is poor working conditions, and the field industry is particularly bad. Therefore, the choice of bearing type is very important, which directly affects the reliability index of the working machinery. In terms of accuracy, it does not need to be as demanding as precision machinery, which is determined by the operating nature of agricultural machinery.


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