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Advantages of high-precision cross roller bearings

The characteristic of high-precision cross roller bearing is that cylindrical rollers are vertically aligned with each other and move quickly on the V-shaped groove rolling surface at 90 °. Therefore, the cross roller bearings can bear multi-direction load such as radial load, axial load and moment load. Compared with the traditional thrust bearing + radial centering bearing combination, the cross roller bearing has a compact structure, small size, and simplified the design of the worktable, thereby reducing the cost of the turntable.

In addition, due to the use of optimized preload, this type of bearing has a high stiffness, so the rigidity and accuracy of the turntable are also guaranteed. Thanks to the design of two rows of cross rollers, this type of bearing has a high resistance to overturning moment. There are two types of cross roller bearings: one is a cross cylindrical roller bearing, and the other is a cross tapered roller bearing.

Although the structure of the cross roller bearing is special, the production process is relatively complicated, and it has certain requirements for the operating staff. But for users, Cross roller bearings are more cost-effective than the traditional bearings, which is the main reason why cross roller bearing has gradually replaced traditional bearings in recent years.




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