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What is the advantage of crossed roller bearing for industrial robots?

Crossed roller bearing is a special type bearing with inner ring split and outer ring rotating. Since the split inner ring or outer ring is installed in the roller and the spacer, it is fixed with the cross roller collar to prevent separation from each other, so the operation is simple when installing the cross roller collar. Because the cross roller bearing is a two-part structure with an inner ring and an outer ring, the bearing clearance can be adjusted. Even if a preload is applied, it can be rotated with high accuracy. Because of its special structure, it is generally used for joint bearings of industrial robots.

There are two main types of bearings used by industrial robots: equal-section thin-walled bearings and crossed roller bearings, which are suitable for joints or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables in machining centers, rotating parts of manipulators, and precision rotating work. Widely used in Taiwan, medical equipment, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing equipments.

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Advantages of crossed roller bearings for robots:

1.Excellent rotation accuracy

The internal structure of the crossed roller bearing adopts the rollers to be perpendicularly arranged at 90 ° to each other, and the rollers are equipped with spacers or spacers to prevent the tilting of the rollers or the friction between the rollers, effectively preventing the rotation torque increase. In addition, there will be no contact or locking phenomenon of the roller; at the same time, because the inner and outer rings are divided structures, the gap can be adjusted, even if a preload is applied, high-precision rotational movement can also be obtained.
2. Simplified operation and installation

The outer ring or inner ring, which is divided into two parts, is fixed together after the roller and the cage are installed, so the operation is very simple during installation.

3. Withstand large axial and radial loads

Because the rollers are arranged vertically on the rolling surface of the 90 ° V-groove through the spacers, this design allows the cross roller bearings to withstand all radial loads, axial loads and moment loads. Directional load.

4. Significantly save installation space

The inner and outer ring sizes of crossed roller bearings are miniaturized, especially the ultra-thin structure is a small size close to the limit, and has high rigidity. It is widely used in table, manipulator rotating part, precision rotating table, medical instrument, measuring instrument, IC manufacturing device and so on.




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