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DK bearing develops, manufactures and markets high precision bearings to better meet different requirements of standard and customized bearings.

The leading products are: thin-walled crossed roller bearings, slewing bearings,bearings for harmonic reducers, high-precision YRT series turntable bearings, with precisions such as P5, P4, and P2, and a variety ranges of outer diameter φ20mm-φ1500mm.

Crossed cylindrical roller bearings are RA, RB, RE, RU series, CRB, CRBC, CRBF, CRBH series, SX, XU, XSU serie.

Crossed tapered roller bearings are XR/JXR/PSL/BFKB/XD series.

Harmonic reducer bearings include CSF, CSG, CSD, SHF, SHG, SHD series.

 YRT turntable bearing series are: YRT standard turntable bearings, YRTS high speed turntable bearings, YRTM turntable bearings with angle measurement system, ZKLDF two-direction thrust angular contact ball bearings, thrust cylindrical roller bearings.

Slewing bearings:1.External tooth  2.Internal tooth  3.Toothless  4.Flange type

After years of technical research and development, the company’s  products have been continuously improved and repeatedly practiced, and various technical indicators and accuracy have reached the level of similar world famous brands like THK, INA, IKO, Timken,SKF, NSK. The company’s products are mainly suitable for high-precision CNC turntables, indexing disks, direct-drive motors, industrial robots, automation equipment, harmonic reducers, medical instruments, aviation, aerospace, and many fields requiring high accuracy in measurement and testing.



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