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  • Assembly method of flexible bearing of harmonic reducer

    Assembly method of flexible bearing of harmonic reducer

    Harmonic reducer flexible bearing is a kind of harmonic reducer bearing. It is a kind of bearing used outside the wave generator, which can realize the speed change requirement of large transmission ratio. Because of its special overall structure, it ...   Read more

  • How to determine whether the bearing can be reused?

    How to determine whether the bearing can be reused?

    During regular maintenance of equipment, operation inspection, and replacement of peripheral parts, judge whether the disassembled bearing can be reused is very important. We should carefully investigate and record the appearance of the bearing. In o ...   Read more

  • What is the function of bearing cage?

    What is the function of bearing cage?

    Definition of the bearing cage: The bearing cage is a bearing part that wraps the rolling elements and moves with it. It is mainly used to isolate the rolling elements and usually guides the rolling elements and keeps them in the bearing. The functi ...   Read more

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How to choose the right lubricating oils or greases for bearings?

Lubricating oils and greases are the most common lubricants in the use of bearings. When we maintain bearings, lubrication is of great help to the operation of bearings, such as reducing the coefficient of friction. So what do we need to know when choosing bearing lubricants and greases for lubrication? First of all, w ... + Read more

What are the common materials for bearings?

Bearing steel is used to make balls, rollers and bearing rings. Bearings are subjected to extreme pressure and friction during operation, so bearing steels are required to have high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well as high elastic limits. The requirements for the uniformity of the chemical composition ... + Read more

What is the advantage of crossed roller bearing for industrial robots?

Crossed roller bearing is a special type bearing with inner ring split and outer ring rotating. Since the split inner ring or outer ring is installed in the roller and the spacer, it is fixed with the cross roller collar to prevent separation from each other, so the operation is simple when installing the cross roller ... + Read more

What bearing services do we provide?

Who we are: DK develops, manufactures and markets high precision bearings to better meet different requirements of standard and customized bearings, including crossed roller bearings, Slewing bearings, robotic bearings,Cross Roller Bearing for Harmonic Drive and more.   Bearing Services: Standard and customized be ... + Read more

Precision bearings and ordinary bearings

Precision bearings are classified according to the ISO classification standards: P0, P6, P5, P4, P2. The grades are increased in order, P0 is ordinary precision, and other grades are precision grades. It should be distinguished from ordinary bearings from the following points: 1. The size requirements are different. Th ... + Read more

What is a harmonic reducer bearing?

Harmonic reducer bearings are named after the reducer, including two types of rigid bearings and flexible bearings. Rigid bearings include four series, CSG (CSF) series, CSD series, SHG (SHF) series, SHD series; Flexible bearings are named as HYR. Harmonic reducer bearing is a kind of supporting bearing for harmonic re ... + Read more

What are the industrial robot bearings?

Industrial robot bearings, as the key accessories of industrial robots, mainly include two types of bearings for industrial robots, One is equal-section thin-walled bearings, and the other type is crossed roller bearings. There are also harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, articulated bearings, etc., but mainly ... + Read more

What are the differences between precision crossed roller bearings and ordinary bearings?

The rollers of the precision crossed roller bearings are arranged in a cross shape, so only one set of crossed roller ring can bear various directional loads. Compared with traditional models, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. Because the inner or outer ring of the precision cross roller bearing is a two-part ... + Read more

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